Wednesday, 21 July 2021 18:09

Technical Progress Report 2021

In pursuit of Kijuuya HEEP-II phase implementation, it was agreed that the Poultry Commercial Demonstration Unit (CDU) will be the first one to be established. We set out to establish a broiler production unit at Malku campus in Kijuuya- Mubende District.

Establishing the unit required to go through: - measurements of the structure; Estimation of building materials; Excavation and laying of the foundation; Walling of the sides; Welding of the doors and windows; Roofing; Finishing (indoor and outdoor); Installation of water tanks for water harvesting; and establishment of the wind-breaking system.

Work done so far

a. Construction of the Poultry Unit Construction begun on the 5th of April 2021 and by June 2021, the unit was approximately 95% complete. The constructed structure covers a total outer area of 1875 square feet (75ft length by 25ft width). It is subdivided into two rooms; a small one (‘the brooder’ -25ft width by 13ft length) and a bigger one (‘the production unit’ -25ft width by 60ft length).

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